The WHWalk – Run4Fun, 9 June 2019





Group Leaders are responsible for ensuring all their WHWalkers/Run4Funners are made aware of these Terms and Conditions; the terms WHWalk and WHWalkers from this point on respectively include Run4Fun and Run4Funners


  1. Route Safety:   WHWalkers are responsible for their own safety and should not leave the designated route thereby risking trespass or injury. It is recommended that They walk in small groups and WHWalkers under 16 years of age must walk with an adult; those under the age of 18 need to have parental consent. WHWalkers should carry their own food and drink. Starting at Campus West car park, the route mostly follows footpaths and bridleways, some of which might be muddy or uneven; WHWalkers should ensure that they wear suitable footwear.

  2. Entry Fee:   There is a non-returnable Entry Fee of nominally £10 for each WHWalker; large groups of WHWalkers may be charged on a sliding scale.  Individual Entry Fee on day of the WHWalk is £12.

  3. Reception and Support: The Reception Desk at Campus West car park will open at 8.45 am. WHWalkers will need to register there individually and must start the WHWalk by 10.30 am at the latest. Route maps will be available at Reception.  WHWalkers should aim to return to the finish by 3.30 pm and sign out at Reception to receive a Certificate.   'Sweepers' will start clearing the course at 11 am onwards; as they progress around the course behind the last group of WHWalkers, direction signs will be removed and Stewards will leave their positions. All support will be removed, and Reception closed, by 4 pm.

  4. Sponsorship Forms:   Forms must be presented to the WHWalk Reception Desk at Campus West car park for Registration before starting the WHWalk. They will be returned at the finish, together with a WHWalk Completion Certificate.

  5. Sponsorship:   WHWalkers are encouraged to obtain & collect Sponsorship for a Charity of their choice or to support one of Our Headline Charities; a suitable Sponsorship Form will be sent to every Entrant.  The Forms provide for Sponsors to Gift-Aid their donations.

  6. WHWalkers choosing to support their own Charity should remit the monies raised and send their Sponsorship Form direct to their Charity, in order that the Charity might claim Gift-Aid.

  7. WHWalkers choosing to support Our Headline Charities, should remit the monies to Us by 30 Aug 2019 to: The WHWalk, c/o 32 Sherrardspark Road, Welwyn Garden City AL8 7JS.   Monies can also be paid on-line at www. and BACS details may be had on application by e-mail.  All monies sent to Us will be shared to the Headline Charities.

  8. Whilst We make every effort to provide a safe and enjoyable WHWalk, so far as the law allows the Organisers, including all marshals, helpers, officials, sponsors, Rotary and The Rotary Clubs of Hatfield and of Welwyn Garden City cannot accept any responsibility for any injury, loss or public liability suffered by anyone as a result of taking part in the WHWalk: WHWalkers/Run4Funners take part at their own risk.